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Calculate your personal car loan in Austria with the car loan calculator and immediately record the SWK loan online. Take out a cheap car loan now and keep your car letter. Although the dealer-dependent bank often offers you low interest rates on the current models, the purchase prices are often high and there are strict guidelines. Fulfill your dream of your own car cheap, fast and unbureaucratic with the PSD car loan. A car loan is basically a normal installment loan. Further editorial at

Car loan financing via bank or dealer?

Car loan financing via bank or dealer?

The interest rate level for car loans has hit new lows. For example, some bank ranks first in our car loan comparison for a loan of USD 15,000 with a maturity of 36 months with effective interest rates of 1.92 percent and above. However, this interest rate depends on the credit rating – depending on the creditworthiness of the vehicle buyer, it may also be larger.

At the Bank in Scotland and at Darle Bank, the peak interest rates of 2.49% each are also linked to the creditworthiness of the respective borrower. If you prefer a non-pecuniary fixed rate, you will find the right thing for Metabank and Car Freadert for 2.99 or 3.59%. From the 2.90 percent share to the zero percent financing share – this offers a good starting position.

For example, it may happen that the retailer blocks discounts on the actual purchase price and justifies this with the advantageous form of financing – even if this is not always the case. “For us it does not matter if you transfer the price to us or the bank,” says a retailer.

With a car loan, it makes sense to check the conditions of bank and trade exactly. The discount of a car dealership on a purchase in cash can make all financing by a bank cheaper than by the producer. Co-insurance contracts also lead to remuneration and increase customer loyalty. You can track the costs of car insurance with our savings tariff calculator.

Car loan calculator

Car loan calculator

Our loan calculator shows you how cheap the SWK car loan is. The loan calculator informs you in advance about the fixed monthly loan amount for your car loan. In 30 sec. You get an online credit check for your car finance. With the car loan from Casheck you are flexible and independent in your financing.

Car loans

Car loans

From the sporty car to the spacious family van: With our car loan you can reach your personal dream car in no time. The car loan is a consumer loan. Whether new or used vehicles, from retailers or private customers – with our car loan, you can finance your dream car easily and quickly. Even those who pay cash for a car at the car dealer usually receive lucrative discounts.

If you are of age, have a regular income, a permanent residence in the Federal Republic and no negative entry of the Foundation for the approval of your car loan, then the basic conditions for the granting of the car loan are given. Once the car loan has been approved, you will have the loan in an amount of money in your account. To do this, file the vehicle registration with us.

By paying the last loan installment, the vehicle passes into your possession and you also get the vehicle registration. With the help of our loan calculator, you can finance different loans based on an imaginary loan installment, the loan amount you want and the repayment period you accept. Why do I have to submit the vehicle registration form for a car loan?

The financed vehicles serve as collateral for the taken up car loan. If the loan is not properly serviced, the loan agreement may be terminated and the vehicle used as collateral may be used. After paying out the last loan installment, you will get the vehicle registration and the car will be yours.

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