In today’s economy, when we talk about savings, we all stay on the alert, not only because times are difficult but the environment around us is showing signs of a more difficult time coming. Knowing how to save money for emergencies is critical to balancing home bills and knowing how to save money fast can be the key to success.

In the questions of money and saving, many are the recommendations and teachings that are transmitted to us every day throughout our lives. However, one of the teachings that has always been present in my journey was that money is not from the winner but from the one who saves it.

To live up to the teaching here are small money saving tips that could be golden rules for the correct optimization of our finances. There are those who argue that to save money you need to make more money. But will it be easier to save € 1 than to spend € 1?

Register All Monthly Expenses


Surely a good monthly record of our expenses helps us to identify with some precision what kind of expenses we have as well as which ones consume more resources and how we can rationalize these expenses.

Whenever we identify an expense and its weight in the monthly budget, we can more easily identify and apply strategies to optimize it, as well as if it is not necessary to eliminate it and thus save money.

Save Money on Breakfast

Save Money on Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we should eat healthy products. A healthy meal does not need to be expensive, as you may think. If you take breakfast out of the house, the following example is for you.

You probably know that you spend on average for a coffee and a cream, or a half of milk and a bread and butter in the cafe about 2 Euros. With 2 Euros you can buy 3 liters of milk, which at the end of a month is 90 liters of milk.

Can you drink 3 liters of milk per day? A half of milk and bread and butter at home costs less than 0.70 cents, which means saving of 1.30 euros per day which are 39 euros per month, thus 468 euros per year. It is a significant savings and it gives you thinking.

Monthly Purchases only with List

Monthly Purchases only with List

When shopping for the month or shopping for the fortnight, take the missed list and do not stray from what you planned. Promotions are only good if they are needed. See if you make your purchases once a month or before doing the weekly purchases. With constant promotions it becomes more and more rewarding to shop more regularly.

Besides saving money, it still saves the environment. In fact, if you share your car with a co-worker or friend who has the same daily direction, you will see extraordinary savings in your bank account.

Beware of Credit Cards

Beware of Credit Cards

A credit card can be very useful not only because it allows us to have money available in tightening months but also because it offers us free money for 50 days. However, you should always pay your credit card debt at 100%, or in full so as not to pay interest, and still do not accept annual fees or other expenses, there are already several banks that offer the credit card annuity. If you can not control your credit card then destroy it.